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Dear madams and sirs,

wellcome to the Studio 54 Textile Trading Agency website.
As you may know, we are a commercial office established in 1954 acting since then as agents specialised only for the export of apparel fabrics, etc.
We constantly cooperate and assist with nearly 100 suppliers among producers, wholesalers and importers in Italy and distribute their productions all over the world through a specialised net of corresponding agents or direct customers.

As the general situation will be terrible for the Covid , we hope you are well.

More and more customers are looking for ready goods to save money and have the possibility to reassort quickly what they need. Furthermore all is needing an easy access to see new collections or make a resurch on collections already in their hands without mooving from offices or make trips and for this reason we created our  website. The proposal is this:

from this website

with an User code and Password we will give you, you will find:

For the first contact where you can inform us all abt yr organisation and needs to see if you can be a suitable partner for our website and cooperation;

As said, here you need our authorisation (user and password) upon agreements. After we understand what you are looking for exactly and if you can reach the minimum quantities and standards required for the productions we will give you the proper and personal user and password.
In case we will give you acces only to the collections if not in exclusive for other agents in yr market, otherwise we will inform you the area corresponding agent to contact to.

The “10 days” is a very usefull under-section : collection where producers have goods ready or possibile to be produced in maximum 10 working days/2 weeks. These are quick productions, not ready goods or stock service, so that always possible to be produced, yr all possible colours all possible quantities.

All further explanations abt this sections and the suppliers offers will be given only to authorised companies.

These are ready goods (in rolls of 30/50 mt). First choice goods remained unsold for commercial reasons or offered from wholesalers. Here you see the prices that are ex works, only for payment in advance before delivery.

The latest born section is called “Stock Service”: here the authorised companies with User and password, can find ready goods from their suppliers. Contrary to the “ready goods” section where nobody see the name of the suppliers and suppliers code (you see only our internal article codes), the authorised person see all, supplier name, real art. code, etc.

Both sections are served with filters that helps a lot the selections:

To select offers only from producers and not from wholesalers.

From producer in case you can also reorder, assort with new colours, etc you will find written “sale” on upper right side of the picture .  note :
> pls note that the article codes works that the first part indicate the quality and if there are more then one colour we put after the “.”. Of course it can be understood that same article different colour are from same supplier ( art. 257.12 and 257.11 are from same supplier).
> if there are possibility to make a production we try to write the price, example  € ̶5̶,̶8̶0̶  , sale price € 4,75/mt. This means that production price is € 5,80, and ready goods offered at € 4,75 and, as said, a black square right upper side appears with written “sale”.  In any case pls ask.
you can select “yes” and it will shown only goods from producers, not from wholesalers.

To select only printed or not printed fabrics.

to select the season: S/S spring/summer, A/W autumn winter, A/S interseasonal articles.

If a customer need minimum a certain quantity, in order not to loose time with smaller quantities;

to select a material that is important there has to be;

To select the weight range. Attention, weight is per linear meters.

to put a limit to the price but always make a proposal because prices on ready goods depends on quantity involved;

on right up side of the pictures list there is also this filter. Very important for who (I hope) see often our website and want to see what’s new 🙂

We suggest to ask samples only at the moment you need the goods and not well in advance to study the articles see if saleable etc because we run the risk that when you will order it, it will be sold out.
No engagement for supplier sending the samples, the first that give an order take the goods.
In case of real and important deal with reliable customers that make a concrete proposal we shall ask to weit, a sort of booking : example, ” art. 257.12 and 257.11 300 mt each pls book for me for one week and I will reply.”
The goods are from several suppliers. Deliveries will be sent and invoiced from each supplier directly to each customer. Viceverse the payments. We are only agents.

We are weiting for yr comments and remain at yr disposal.

Tks n regards / Alberto
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